TvTracker is designed to help you track all of those TV shows that you watch and need to keep track of. Simply add them to the app and you will be told when the next episode airs, get notified once it starts and much more. You can even integrate it into your Trakt account to automatically sync your watched episodes straight into the app.

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Narmail is an app that allows you to keep up to date with your reddit inbox without having to login to the site. Get notified when you have new messages, compose new messages and reply to any messages in your inbox.

Windows Phone 8.1 Changelog


Safely and securely share photos with friends and family. No need to worry about them falling into the wrong hands, just select how long you want them available for and they will automatically nuke themselves after that time period has passed, or, once the recipient has opened the image.

Windows Phone 8.1 Changelog